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I am having some problems with my HR21-100 DVR that I find very odd.

I have basically two outputs from this DVR set up. One is a very straight forward feed- HDMI to my Yamaha receiver and the HDMI to my panasonic LCD flatscreen. I watch that one primarily because it has the best picture and the best sound.

However I also have output via S-video and coax to a philips DVD(R) / DVR. That has HDMI output to the Yamaha and then to the TV. I use this to archive shows that I like and football games that I want to go back and remove the commercials from before I burn to DVD.

Thus the TV gets HDMI from the Yamaha only (one singular output from either the HR21 or the Philips (or the blu ray and vcr for that matter)).

Lately (and very annoyingly) the HR21 has been able to "detect" when I switch the system to the Philips and forces me to change the DVR to SD by holding down the exit button. I never used to have to do this and it absolutely made no difference in the quality of the TV signal that I could detect. In addition, prior to this starting, I could use the dual active outputs of the HR21 to record to the Philips DVR and watch on the "Satellite" system simultaneously.

Now because of this annoying thing with being forced to change to SD when I do that I only record that stupid message and the show doesn't get broadcast to the Philips, lest I change to SD.

However more annoyingly now the HR21 has figured out that since I am watching in SD when using the Philips output, that my TV shouldn't be allowed to get this "content". It says this content is blocked and that if I want to watch this channel I need to do it through coaxial cables. It then prevents the signal from going through at all. It does not do it for all channels- Fox News SD goes through just fine but Encore Action (which I don't believe is in HD) won't go through.

I realize that this is a bit of a difficult thing to follow but I can foresee this being a big problem when football season comes up and I want to archive football games from the HD Big Ten network etc.

I checked the parental controls etc and they are not set. This isn't is a parental control issue.

Anyone else have a problem like this? Can you think of any work arounds? Is there a firmware update that I can get rid of so my HR21 goes back to being "dumb" and thus works the way I want it to in the first place? It would be easiest to fix if I could just run HDMI to the Philips but it will not accept HDMI input (doesn't even have a jack for it) so S-video is the highest quality signal I can get to it.

I have not called D* about this- I can only imagine what kind of umms and ahhs I would get from them.

Thanks in advance,

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