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Odd Issue

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Hey all, I have had my 921 for just about a year and a half, no problems with it, although like most people here have noticed. It seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes. Recently, I was recording one program, only one and was watching a recorded show as well. When I went to turn off the unit I got an error that I had never seen before, "To perform the action requested, you must stop recording and go to live." YES NO CANCEL.

I hit cancel, went to live, and the same thing happened. I couldn't turn off the power, switch stations or anything. I just ended the recording and tried to replicate it. Nada. Any insights?
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If I start a manual recording, I can't do anything else with it - can't change channels, watch a recorded program, use pip or turn it off. It does this every time.

My work around is to create a timer that will fire in 2 minutes, then do what I want. When the timer fires, the 921 behaves correctly.
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