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Odd Recording Behavior

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Last night I was watching the Miami - FU football game (live and unbuffered) on my HR20-100 and I decided to record the second half in order to take a dinner break with the little woman.

I changed channels to ensure I was not recording the buffer and when I went to set up the record and extend the recording, I got a conflict message telling me that both tuners were engaged at the time I wanted to record (6 PM to 8 PM PDT), so it declined to initiate a 3rd recording unless I cancelled one of the other events.

Problem is the two events that were reported as a conflict were both for the next day after 10:00 AM. There were no other recordings scheduled for the time between 6 PM PDT and the next day.

Has any one else ever seen this? This is the first time I have run into this little bug

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