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Odd Transponders at 0

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All, I have and HR-21-100 and on tuner #2 have 0's on all odd transponders. I had a spare BBand and switched out both with no luck. Also reset reciver etc as well. Why if tuner #1 shows ok with signals am I not able to see the station instaed of error 771 on the screen?
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I had the very same problem all the odds on sat 103c were 0. Check all conn if ok try to bypass the multi switch if you have one with barrel connectors. When I did mine all the signals came back. Replaced the wb68 and now all is good. Hope this helps
Try swapping coax lines betweeen tuner 1 and tuner 2. If the trouble follows the coax suspect a multiswitch problem.
I found output #8 on my WB68 switch is bad. Thanks for the input!:)
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