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"office" spam

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I am getting inundated by spam that begins with the word, "office" followed by different five digit numbers and the "@", followed by another different word and then ends in, ".info". The subject matter has been every imaginable product and service that has ever been spammed. My AOL filter shunts more than half of them into my spam file, which I have to check daily because it regrettably also determines that eBay messages and many subscribed forum thread notifications are spam.

Is anyone else presently getting pummelled by "[email protected]___.info" ? My hunch is that they have figured out that some spam filters are more vulnerable to passing spam that begins with "office" and ends with "info".
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It all comes down to how your e-mail is filtered. AOL has always been kind of a pariah for hosting at least as much spam as they receive.

It would appear that you've figured out how to shunt it locally, but you might consider an e-mail consolidation service that has a better spam filter.
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