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Official word on spot beams?

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Has Dish issued any official plans for spot beams? I mean will both 110W and 119W have spot beams or is it only from one location?

I ask this because I used to get all transp. from E*7 at 80-90 (Mexico City using 6 feet dish).

Out of the blue a few transponders (conus) lost about 20 points. Yet the rest remain at their original singal strength. I counted 12 transponders that seem to remain OK. And I was wondering if Dish decided to only transmit spot beams (LIL) from 110W (now the E*8 is stationed there) that it could be that Dish will transmit 21 conus transponders from E*7 but it would only be able to have 12 of them at double-power and the rest at normal power mode. Which would explain the changes in signal strength for only some transponders. Either that or my dish needs to be re-aligned. :)

Still, moving spots to 110W would certainly help bring picture quality back to 119W. And 110W with so many available transponders would not be affected. Right?

Anyone knows anything to this regard?
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E7 at 119 has spotbeams as well.

I know. What I am asking is if once E*8 fires up at 110W, will dish have spot beam transmissions from both locations 119W and 110W or just from one location, 110W (E*8) for instance?

If Dish decides to service their LIL from 110W only, then they would recuperate the 5 Conus transponders lost at 119W to spot beams and picture quality could improve. But they would not be able to have E*7 at double power for more than 12 transponders out of the 21 they have there.

That is my question.
E7 at 119 has spots on 1,3,5,7,9
E8 at 110 has spots on 2,4,6,8,10

Now it is quite likely that e8 has a different footprint for the CONUS beams than E5 does at 110 now. I think they put extra coverage in for PR and Virgin Islands. How it goes down through Mexico is something I have not seen.
I believe the current plans are to use the spot beams from BOTH 119 and 110. They could put both E7 and E8 at either slot.
First off, hello all, I'm new here

Mike123abc, from what I understand E* is pointing their newest satellites at Mexico City to better cover the caribbean, so I think the CONUS footprint will be similar to E7.

I get the spill over signal from E7 with an 8 foot dish in Costa Rica. According to my sat. equipment dealer here, we get E5 in very faintly with a 12' dish (I haven't seen it working and which transponders we do get). Hopefully we will be able to pick up E8 with an 8' dish, that way I can get VH1 Classic and NHL Center Ice

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