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OKC Locals

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The ABC affiliate for OKC has extremely bad multi-pathing coming across Dish. The shadows are very distracting.

Is this common for locals in other markets?

I intend to call Dish about the problem.

Does anyone else have similar experiences?


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i have tulsa locals and fox is my worst channel abc is my best, as far as pq goes.
Definitely complain about poor PQ from your locals. In many cases, you as the customer is the first indication that they have a problem that needs looked at.
I have the OKC locals and yes ABC is pretty bad I was watching cbs the other day and it was bad too but abc was just horrible last night. when we first got them they were cool but they have gradually gone down hill. I'll give the dish a call too.
Ok I'm really po'd I just got off the phone with dish about the OKC locals. the lady gave me this huge runaround. telling me that it must be me even though signal strenght is at 105-115 then she told me that it was solar problems but that since I said this has been going on for a week and a half to two weeks that the solar stuff didn't start till this week last week. but that it must be the solar anyhow because she can't figure anything else out that could cause it. and that no one else has complained about it. and I have friends here that have the same problem and she said well no one else has called. she put me on hold again mind you third time to check upgrades and then came back again saying sir it must be the solar thing nothing else could cause that other then your set up. I then asked her if there was any way they could test the strength of the signal from the locals being uploaded to them she said she couldn't.

Wouldn't you think they would be able to see what is getting uploaded to them????

Should I try calling again? Or should just everyone I know having problems with it call them.

Do you think they are BS'ing me? because the whole thing with this particular lady she seemed really wanting to get me off the phone near the end was just going to tell me oh well sorry can't do anything. Just trying to get me off the phone.

What do you guys think?
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The CSR's story about solar conjunction is pure BS. Solar conjunction will make you lose all your channels for about 5 minutes each day for the next week or so. It doesn't put multipath in local channels. Dish needs to send somebody to their local channel receiving site and adjust their antennas.

FYI, in Oklahoma City, solar outages should happen around 2:14 pm for channels on the 110° satellite, and around 2:55 pm for channels on the 119° satellite.

You'll have to call Dish Network again and hope you get connected to a person with a clue about how local channels work.
I called back and got a much nicer rep and told her what was going on. and she said it was total bs too the solar thing because of it happening at night too. and that it was all the time that my problem occured. she said she was going to put a note in to the engineers to test it but also wanted me to call when I was at home. (i'm at work now) so they could check other signals from the same transponer and sat. just to make sure. But she "said" she would put a note in to the engineers so hopefully something will change. Thanks for the info ElJefe!
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