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Older receiver And SL5

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I have an SL5 on the roof and usually use a HR24 receiver with a power inserteror 2 weeks I will be without my Rcvr( don't ask it's a long story). Can I just hook up one of my old D12/300 SD receivers to the dish without the power inserter? Of course the picture will be SD and not that great as that Rcvr. only has a composite output. Thanks.

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I assume that you have a SWM-LNB on your dish (since you mention the power inserter and don't mention any switch). If that is true the old receiver will not work.

If you have a SWM multiswitch, the old receiver would work connected to one of the legacy ports, but you'd still need to attach the power supply to the switch.
My mistake, I misread the OP as R12. The D12 IS SWM compatible and will work with the SWM LNB. Leave the power inserter installed.
jimmie57 said:
Won't this D12 work if he puts a Band Stop Filter in the line next to it ?
The band stop is only needed if he has a DECA network (for Whole Home DVR service).
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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