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Olympics Special Channels (75X) blank on one receiver

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The 75X series of channels are black/no audio (1080i) on one of my two HR20-700 receivers. They come in fine on the one running 0x0263, but nothing on the receiver running 0x0254. I would have posted this in the CE thread if it were the other way around, but I thought it was odd that they're not working on the NR software.

About 5 minutes after discovering this, my NR HR20 rebooted spontaneously, but the channels were still blank after the restart. I have not tried a manual restart (soft or RBR).

I am using an AT-9 with the sidecar removed. Again, they come in fine on the CE receiver--only "problem" I have on both receivers is a 771 message on channel 702. For both PGA and the Olympics mirrored channels, if I turn to the "normal" channel number they come in. Obviously there is no equivalent for the Olympic basketball and soccer channels.

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Weird, they just started working now. This is about one hour after the spontaneous reboot. I'll leave the thread here in case someone else notices something that may have caused the issue.
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