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I am still reading over at DTV about all the configuations to connect to the internet since a direct line is not possible for me. It seems the powerline option may be the most hassle free. I am a little worried about my DSL speed with ATT though.

Anyway, everyone is talking about downloading ALL these programs. Where are they downloading them to? Are they going onto your HD drive? I guess that is obvious but some of the posts were talking about HOURS of programming which seem excessive (I have a HR21) and still record daily shows or movies. They are just filling up their HD with VOD programs right?

I also wondered is the powerline (ethernet adapters) going to slow my laptop connection or are the two on different signals or something? From what I have read lots of folks are taking 6-12 hours to do a 1-2 hour show.

Sorry for the novice techno questions.

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VOD are just a selection of programs and PPV that are downloaded through your network connection, whether wired, wireless, or powerline wireless.

They go on your HR2x hard drive just like any recorded program and show up in your playlist. Some have expiration dates. (and of course, PPVs are only good for 24 hours once you open them).

I have ATT DSL and downloaded a 1:40 HD movie in 4 hours on a Saturday morning. My router indicated it averaged about 4 mbs.

You can also start watching items before they're completely downloaded.

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Of course it all depends on your ISP connection but I have a cable modem and haven't noticed any slower speeds on my pc with VOD shows downloading. When I download a movie it takes about an hour. Less than that usually.

All VOD programs download directly to your playlist just like you recorded something off tv. When you open your list you will see a VOD icon next to your show. Also you can record 2 shows at same time plus 1 downloading off VOD. Most impressive I think.

Good Luck.
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