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On Demand Issue

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From another thread:

spartanstew said:
Just ran into an issue maybe someone can help me with.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been in the process of downloading several things over the last 16 hours. Everything was going great until I got to Episode 5 of Mad Men. It downloaded the first 37 minutes of the show (SD) and then paused. It was paused for almost an hour and I couldn't figure out how to get the download unpaused (in the list and in the DOD queue, it says "download paused"). So, I just deleted it, figuring I'd just add it back to the queue later.
Immediately upon starting the download of episode 6 (the next in the queue), it too paused (and shows "download paused" in the queue - nothing shows in the playlist for it).

How to I unpause the download? Did I try to download too much stuff? BTW, I still have 60% available on my HD
Any thoughts? Episode 6 is still paused after about an hour.
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I downloaded the entire season in one fell swoop. so it's possible. I would start with a reboot, then a network test, and if that succeeds, try doing the On Demand recording again.

If you're running software that has network issue reporting, please note the issue in the appropriate issue thread along with the report code.
Tried Network test first and it passed.

Reset and passed Network test again.

Now, the downloads seem to be working fine.

After 16 straight hours of downloading programs, it must have decided it needed a little break.
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