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Arriving next week will be my 3rd H20 and 4th HD unit. I
originally had the first Toshiba reciever and when I moved
it went bad. I then got the H20-600 and it worked fine for
about a year then it too went bad was sent out an H20-100
and in under 3 months it's gone bad. It would say please
insert a valid access card which I would get up up pull it out
make sure the card was clean and reinsert it, it would then
work fine for about 20 minutes. So I called tech support they
said it was the access card so they sent me a new card saying
I'd have to be home to sign for it as it was coming UPS or FedEx,
well wrong on all three counts it came by USPS Priority Mail and
no signature need. When I swapped out the cards everything
worked well until a few hours later I get the same damn message
again. I went through all the steps again with them and they are
replacing it again under my warranty plan. Any ideas what
is causing this ? My unit is connect to a Monster Surger Protector
with clean power filter so it should be safe from spikes and brown
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