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If the 1080p Legend is ever sent to my ch 501 slot, I plan on renting it (if it's still $2.99). If I rent it from my VIP722 and I'm in Single Mode, will it also play on TV2? Will it also play on my VIP211? (ie: is it available on all receivers on the account, or just the one rented from?)

I have my TV2 Coax cable going through a Panny DVD recorder to a cheap tube TV. Since TV2 is an SD downconversion, will the 1080p program show up in 480i mode on my DVD recorder (and on TV2)?
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Not sure about availability on TV2, but It sounds like it should be available there, but the 211 is a seperate and different receiver.

The recording is actually on the 722 HD not being streamed "live" and not available to the 211.
Thanks. Sure would like to see Legend show up so I can try it out! I know it won't record the HD stream, but it'd be nice to be able to record the SD stream to TV2 (even though much poorer PQ).
A VOD movie will never play on your ViP 211 because it will never be on the receiver. VOD movies are stored on the reserved space on the hard drive of ViP622/722 receivers.
If they enabled the Ext HD feature on the USB port it could be "possible"... sure would be a nice software upgrade!
I believe TV2 does not function when playing 1080p.
tcatdbs said:
If they enabled the Ext HD feature on the USB port it could be "possible"... sure would be a nice software upgrade!
The only way this would be possible would be if the it became available as a HDPPV. VOD by definition is not recordable. It is already on your drive and you are renting the ability to watch it for a 24 hour period.
So as you watch it, the analog outputs are dead also?
I'm still curious... You CAN watch a HD movie (say one that you recorded to DVR HD) on TV1, with it also playing on TV2 in Single, but in SD. If you have a DVD recorder before TV2 (Coax in and out to TV2), you CAN record the HD movie (in SD). I'm just curious if a PPV or VOD movie is sent to TV2 when in Single mode, if so in theory I am Legend (in 1080p) COULD be recorded (in 480i). Just curious if anyone has tried this.
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