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One receiver blocking the signal of another? Muti-switch problem?

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Hello, a newbie here. I’ve visited many times but just registered. I need some help diagnosing a problem. I’ve tried searching the forums and wasn’t able to find what I was looking for.

My Living Room (HR21-700) receiver seems to be blocking the signal on my Master Bedroom receiver (H21-100). What happens is that sometimes I will get a searching for signal on some of my HD channels in my bedroom. When I go to the Living room and tune to that same channel it comes in fine. Leaving it on that same channel I can then go back to my bedroom and the signal is fine. This happens intermittently and not on all HD channels. Also on some of the SD channels I will get a message 749 Multi-Switch Error and the channel will be mixed up. For instance the channel should be E! and the banner says this, but a pay-per view screen will show up. Again, I can go to the Living Room and tune to the same channel and that will fix it. Once working, if I change the Living Room channel too quickly after getting the Bedroom receiver working, I will lose the signal again, very annoying.

I have tried resetting the receiver and re-installing the current software. The Bedroom receiver (H21-100) was replaced earlier this year and was doing this before and after replacement. I have called tech support and had a technician come out about 2 or 3 weeks ago. They installed a new multi-switch, a new 5 LNB dish, replaced the wiring from the Dish to the multi-switch and replaced the B-Band converter on the Bedroom receiver. It seemed to be working fine for a few days then started all over again. I don’t have this problem on any of my other receivers and don’t have any trees that would get in the way. Again, this comes and goes. I though I saw something in the forum before about the multi-switch having to be wired in a certain order. I mentioned this to the tech and he said that shouldn’t matter. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Living Room HR21-700
Master Bedroom H21-100
Bedroom HR10-250
Bedroom D11
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Are you sure there are no old diplexers or splitters in the lines ?
Yes I'm sure. They're also not running through any surge protectors.
Mertzen said:
Are you sure there are no old diplexers or splitters in the lines ?
Thats my first thought as well. Sounds like a splitter hidden somewhere on the line from the switch to the receiver. Maybe even a poor quality barrel.
I had a very similar problem with my setup - it seemed what was tuned in the living room was effecting whether or not I could tune a channel in my bedroom. I was sure it was the multiswitch, but when they swapped it out when I went HD, the problem persisted. Eventually, I ran new cables from the multiswitch to the bedroom and the problem went away. I'm not a cable expert, so I can't say why this worked, only that it did.
Well, I'm thinking that might be my next step. Of all the cables, that bedroom one is definitely the oldest. It runs through the attic and was there before I bought the house in 2001. All others are out door and have been installed with in the last 5 years or so.
Yeah I'd check that out for sure. Techs tend to always assume lines are good when they are not. Remember diplexers always tend to come in couples.
Try going into satellite setup and setting the dish to be 3-lnb. Then when that is finished, go through satellite setup again and set it back to 5-lnb. This has cleared this multiswitch error in the past.
The cable to the bedroom is the likely culprit. If you have access to the multiswitch, run a new cable from there to the bedroom receiver (does not have to be permanent install - just for test) and see if the problem goes away.

There could also be a ground loop problem. Run an AC extension cord from the same power outlet in the living room that the receiver there uses and power the bedroom box from that power source. Again, this is a test, not intended to be permanent.
Oh forgot about this one. Sometimes a bad wire will trigger that 749 error.
Assuming you have a single multiswitch I would think the cable is a likely cause. Assuming you have a single WB68 it's an unpowered multiswitch and both it and the LNB have to be powered by the 13/18v signal from the receiver. Tuning the other receiver to the same channel cause it to select the same signaling so it can help power the multiswitch and lnb.

A powered multiswitch would probably fix the issue too but replacing the cabling to the troublesome receiver is probably your best bet.
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