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One Slimline dish output to 2 HR20 tuners.

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My current setup is Au9S Slimline with builtin 5X4 multiswitch (?) and an HR20-700. I have dedicated 2 of the dish outputs to the HR20 tuners but want to reclaim one of these cables for another use. Can I install a 21VDC Power Inserter (PI-21) and a SWS-2 wide band splitter to reduce my cables to the HR20 to just one?

In several places I have read the BCCs are completely removed from this configuration. Also in the D* SWM field operations training document implies that only ONE RG6 is connected to the HR20. If that's the case why do I need the SWS-2 splitter? Is the new software magically making the 2 tuners work off just one RG6 in SAT IN port 1?

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It appears I do NOT have an SWM dish. I have a Slimline 5 LNB dish with an integrated multiswitch (a 5X4, I guess). Thought that made my dish a SWM - guess not! So I have to do what is called a "module SWM" AKA a SWM-8 multiswitch with 29VDC power inserter. The Solid Signal description of the SWM-8 says I need firmware .2042 in order to be SWM compatible; how do I do that?
My software release is 0x0254, downloaded around July 23rd but that is not firmware is it?
Someone said the firmware comes from the multiswitch???
I think they mean the "SWM" word appears on the Signal Strength screen etc when and only when the firmware is the right level.
I'll check for some info screen tonight when I get home.

Other posts talk about the 0x0254 etc as if it IS firmware. Boy am I confused!
Is 0x0254 more or less current than .2042?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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