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One Slimline dish output to 2 HR20 tuners.

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My current setup is Au9S Slimline with builtin 5X4 multiswitch (?) and an HR20-700. I have dedicated 2 of the dish outputs to the HR20 tuners but want to reclaim one of these cables for another use. Can I install a 21VDC Power Inserter (PI-21) and a SWS-2 wide band splitter to reduce my cables to the HR20 to just one?

In several places I have read the BCCs are completely removed from this configuration. Also in the D* SWM field operations training document implies that only ONE RG6 is connected to the HR20. If that's the case why do I need the SWS-2 splitter? Is the new software magically making the 2 tuners work off just one RG6 in SAT IN port 1?

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No, you cannot.

In order to "split lines" with your existing LNB, you'd need all 4 lines going to a multiswitch, and separate lines from the multiswitch to each tuner.


You would need to change over to SWM equipment. Assuming the HR20 is the only receiver you have, you could get a 5-LNB SWM-enabled LNB and power inserter. This LNB only has one output, which is run to the power inserter, and from the power inserter, is split as necessary to feed a single coax to each receiver. On a dual-tuner recever like your HR-20, once coax from a SWM to the Tuner 1/FTM input will run both tuners. A SWM LNB supports up to 8 tuners.

You could also get an external SWM-8, but from what you describe, the SWM LNB would be much easier, provided all your receivers are SWM compatible.
N5SBP said:
My software release is 0x0254, downloaded around July 23rd but that is not firmware is it?
In this case, it's the same thing (it's a case of people using the wrong terminology). If your receiver is active right now, it has the latest software, and you'll be fine.
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