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Oops, guess FSU is out of BCS contention now

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26-20 in OT, Baby!!!!

Fantastic game, remnants of Isadore hitting Louisville with the hardest rain coming down in the 2nd half. Both teams tried to run during the first half with FSU up 13-6 at the half. Then they finally dipped into the passing game (during the heaviest of the rain) and both defenses had a couple of mental errors which allowed the other team to score - I guess FSU just made one more error than Louisville!!!

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What a game !!
WOW...WTF happened? I was at work and didn't get to see the game. I think Thursday Night is a curse for the Noles...remember Virginia in 96 was it? I had a bad feeling about last nights game. I felt Louisville was overlooked by not only FSU, but most of college football.

Go Ohio State Buckeye's........Pay close attention to Maurice Clarett.....this kid a freshman is going to make a run at the Heisman.
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