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Oopsed a WD EHD on a VIP622

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I just oopsed one of my 500Gb EHDs last night, I'll explain.

I was watching a movie, paused it looked at the clock and said oh it's bedtime already. Since I always power down the EHD when I'm not using it and had powered it up to archive something I went over and pulled the power forgetting that the movie I was watching was from the EHD. Said to myself what a dummy when the movie went away without the message about unplugged a EHD device. Plugged it back in and went to see if it had managed to save where I was at in the movie so I could resume later on. Got a message about no USB device detected. Then a couple of minutes later a message about a unrecognized USB device.

There it sits with 300Gb+ of video and the 622 isn't recognizing it.

Any suggestions? I can't think that the WD EHD was damaged by having the power pulled when it was being accessed, All I can think of is that the file table was damaged although that would seem strange to me too. It also didn't offer to reformat the drive to make it usable.

Worse come to worse I can always hook it up to the computer and windows XP it then the 622 should offer to format it again and blammo 300+ Gb of videos are gone. I'd like to recover them if anyone has any ideas.

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Try re-booting the VIP622...
You might try un-plugging the 622 with the EHD un-attached and also powered down. After about 10min plug in the 622 allow time to aquire sats. Then power up the EHD and plug in the USB cable. Hopefully that will do it for you. Good luck.
You may need to call E* and have them reacquire the EHD by having them reactivate it.
OK, it is working again, I just got home from work and rebooted it and the drive is working once again. I can only guess that the 622 was storing something in memory that said this drive doesn't work that rebooting cleared.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
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