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Oracle vs. Google - World Series of Lawsuits?

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On Monday, what's being described as the "world series of intellectual property trials," will get underway with jury selection in a federal court in San Francisco.

[...] The issue is Java, the software platform of which Oracle became the owner, when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010. And the witness list will be interesting: Both Google CEO Larry Page, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison are expected to take the witness stand during the trial, as will former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, and Andy Rubin, the Google Senior Vice President who runs its Android and mobile operations. [more]
Mashable had this to say about possible outcomes:
[...] If Oracle prevails, and Google doesn't opt for a full license on Java, Android could fundamentally change. If Google changes Android so it doesn't use Java, it would mean every app would need to be re-coded from the ground up. The platform is already mired with fragmentation - such a change would essentially shatter Android into a thousand incompatible pieces.

Of course, there's every chance Google will win, which would put Android in the clear. [more]
Oracle apparently refused Google's offer of a % of Android and cash to settle, so they're going to duke it out in court, starting today.
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I'm leaning more towards Google winning...declaring APIs copyrightable is insane.
They've selected the jury:

The final jury includes five men and seven women from a diverse range of professions. The decision makers for this landmark case on programming language copyright include a plumber, a nurse, a retired photographer, a store designer for Gap, a city bus driver, and a postal worker. [more]
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