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I record the local HD 11PM CBS news (WRAL) OTA b/c for some reason (only the 11 PM news) suffers from an annoying lip synch problem via satellite on both my HR20-100's.

Last night I went to watch the recording (at about 11:20), and it was missing. I looked through the History and saw nothing. I looked at the Prioritizer and saw "None Scheduled". I tried to tune to 5-1, but was given the "Channel Not Available" OSD.

I tried to set up the OTA again, but when it was all done, the box locked up, with the screen looking like the "Setup" screen, but with no text (except for "Antenna" on the top line"). I was forced to do a RBR.

When the box came back up, all OTA stations gave the 750 error and the OSD said "Call customer service."

The first CSR told me this was NOT a problem with the box and that b/c D* does not provide OTA signals, as far as D* is concerned, there is no problem. Apparently, the 750 error happens when you try to use the HR2X to view OTA w/o being subscribed. When I asked the CSR to resend the authorizations, she told me that resending the authorizations was not a fix listed in her script.

Finally, I asked for a supervisor who suggested that I reset again....this fixed the problem.

Anyone else ever see a 750?
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