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OT- Earl please stop changing your avatar!

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I understand you are a Bears fan (I am too) but you need to stop changing your avatar. I think you changed it twice just today. I got used to seeing the bear when looking for your posts. Then today I see the neon bear and now the Super Bowl Shuffle.

I rely on being able to spot your posts to get quick and accurate answers but you are making it difficult. Come on man; the Super Bowl Shuffle, that was the worst song ever (I own the 45).

I know they are playing like the 85’ team but for the sake of my sanity PLEASE stop changing it.:D

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:) Sorry..

I changed it to the Neon this morning... and someone complained about it. (too hard on the eyes). So I found the shuffle.

I am going back to the BEAR when I get home tonight (it is on the home computer hard drive)
I liked the Neon Bears logo.

How 'bout them BEARS?? !!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!
As much as I like the bears... I let the other "Earl's Avatar" thread go on... we don't need another one...

But thanks for the thoughts.

Da' Bears... :D
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