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OTA and new Direct TV Equipment

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I finally ordered the new 5 LNB dish from Direct TV and three new H-20s. I am replacing the older H-10s and have a few questions. I live in the Dallas area, and here is my set up.

Office - Two sat feeds - One for H10 diplex for OTA, other into PC for OTA only
Bedroom - Two sat feeds. Phillips HDTIVO Two tuner and OTA diplex
Kids room - two sat feeds - One feed for Tivo unit and one H10
Family room - one sat feed - diplex for OTA

I understand that I will now be able to receive local channels via the new DirectTV Dish. One of the channels I watched most in the Dallas area was the ABC weather radar update, which was 8.2 OTA. Do I lose this channel with the new dish? If so, the only way I can get it is to run the antenna on a separate feed to the new receiver? No more diplexing one line..correct?

If I have to run a separate feed for my antenna, I'm assuming the new multiswitch (which I will need as I have two DVRs with multiple feeds and three new HD receivers) does not integrate this option. Is that correct?

So, I will have to have a multi switch for the seven sat feeds and another multi switch for the 5 OTA feeds? This sounds crazy....Please help.:confused:
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The HR20 DVR will have OTA enabled, most info/speculation being by the end of this year, if not sooner. At that point, I believe the new unit would allow you to view the subchannels if the antenna feed is attached.

I'm not up on the specs of splitters, so I'm afraid I can't help you there.
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