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OTA and new Direct TV Equipment

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I finally ordered the new 5 LNB dish from Direct TV and three new H-20s. I am replacing the older H-10s and have a few questions. I live in the Dallas area, and here is my set up.

Office - Two sat feeds - One for H10 diplex for OTA, other into PC for OTA only
Bedroom - Two sat feeds. Phillips HDTIVO Two tuner and OTA diplex
Kids room - two sat feeds - One feed for Tivo unit and one H10
Family room - one sat feed - diplex for OTA

I understand that I will now be able to receive local channels via the new DirectTV Dish. One of the channels I watched most in the Dallas area was the ABC weather radar update, which was 8.2 OTA. Do I lose this channel with the new dish? If so, the only way I can get it is to run the antenna on a separate feed to the new receiver? No more diplexing one line..correct?

If I have to run a separate feed for my antenna, I'm assuming the new multiswitch (which I will need as I have two DVRs with multiple feeds and three new HD receivers) does not integrate this option. Is that correct?

So, I will have to have a multi switch for the seven sat feeds and another multi switch for the 5 OTA feeds? This sounds crazy....Please help.:confused:
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Thanks for the info.

In the end, I'm trying to figure out what I gain with the latest equipment upgrade. A few more HD channels? It appears to be a lot more work (running new OTA lines to the receivers or TV's)??

My current set up seems the best ....for me.... as I already have the antenna feeds for those rainy days when you cannot pick up the signal form Direct TV.
boba said:
Directv Ka locals are only the point 1 feeds no subcarriers (8.2/8.3 33.2)

Diplexing is not allowed with the 5 LNB dish because of overlapping use of frequencies. You must run separate cable to carry the OTA signals

No you will not have a multiswitch for the OTA signals there you will use a SPLITTER (this is one of the few times it is correct to use a splitter).:) :) :)
Any suggestions on a splitter for the OTA antenna? I will need to split it to three or four feeds. Thanks.
JLucPicard said:

Welcome to DBSTalk! :welcome_s

The HR20 DVR will have OTA enabled, most info/speculation being by the end of this year, if not sooner. At that point, I believe the new unit would allow you to view the subchannels if the antenna feed is attached.

I'm not up on the specs of splitters, so I'm afraid I can't help you there.
Thanks for the welcome. I spent many hours on the AVS Forum a few years ago, and decided to jump back in.

I do plan to look into the new HR20 DVR, although I've been a big TIVO advocate, and playing around with the HR20 at the in laws last week left me wanting my TIVO.

The idea of running more wires for OTA has me hesitant to make the switch to the latest and greatest.:grin:
boba said:
A 4 way VHF/UHF splitter, available at WalMart, Target, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Best Buy, ETC.:)
So nothing fancy should do the trick? I have my OTA antenna running into my multiswitch right now and it has no problem with the four feeds. It is a powered multiswitch.
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