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OTA channel doesn't show HD programs in HD

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I'm in Utah and I got an off air antenna just to get the Lakers/Jazz pre season game last week in HD on KJZZDT 14.1. The game wasn't in HD like the radio said it would be but I didn't think anything of it. Since then I've checked other programs that say HD in the guide and none of them are in HD as the guide say. This has included programs like Lost, Price is Right, The Insider, and some others. A lot of the shows said HD on TV in their title like The Insider (i.e. The Insider in HD) but none have actually been in HD. The other OTA channels appear in HD just fine.

Any ideas why this is happening?
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You need to call the local station engineers and ask them if they are broadcasting in HD! Sometimes one of the engineering people forget that they have to switch to HD.
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