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Does anybody else have this issue with their AM21/HR21 combo? Repost:

I continue to have weird OTA channel setup behavior as first reported here.

According to the receiver, I have OTA access to two local markets. I actually only get one. In antenna setup, I have two 9-1 and two 9-2 (and then 9-3, 9-4, 9-5). Every time I reset the receiver, both 9-1 boxes are selected, and both show up in the program guide. Every time, I have to go in and deselect those 9-x channels I don't get. This only seems to happen with 9-x because they are the same channel in both markets.
It's gotten worse. Whenever the HR21 reboots, almost certainly the wrong (i.e. not local) affiliate for channel 9 is selected under Ant Setup. De-selecting and re-selecting the correct channel 9 doesn't fix the issue. In fact, tuning to the correct channel 9 gives me a "Searching for signal" 771 message.

This is scary!! I'm afraid to schedule any of my recordings on OTA channel 9 for fear of no signal.

The only way to fix it is for me to go in and "Reset Off-Air Settings" and repeat "Initial Setup". Calling this tedious is a major understatement.

Let's see this fixed....PLEASE!!!
I'm now getting very tired of repeating initial off-air setup every time the HR21 reboots, and it seems to reboot itself at least once a week.

And worse has gotten worse-er, since now with every reboot, the channel 9-1 that's available to me doesn't even show up in the listing anymore, so I HAVE to do a reset/initial setup to get it back.

Pulling my hair out. :confused: :mad:

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Yep...the same "any reboot/restart scrambles the OTA bug" bites the Wichita/Hutchinson, KS DMA, too.

We have two 3-1s and two 8-1s in the DMA and that messes up the OTA database.

If I just check/uncheck the "right" channel boxes, there is still no signal received on the "meters". I'm forced to back through initial OTA set-up to fix it.
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