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OTA Guide question

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When OTA is enabled.. I heard that the channels will be labeled like 11-1, 11-2, etc...

Q: Will the programming data show up in the guide or are these extra free channels be just blanks?
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Yes, that is how they will be listed.

If your local affiliate provided the information for those channels to the Tribune company, they will populate on your HR20...

Just as they do on the H20 and the HR10-250
Slyster said:
For a major metropolitain area (Mpls,St. Paul) would I excpect guide data for OTA channels or no data. BTW, my brother (DISHTV) has blanks.. I was hoping D* might have data for me.
You should...

I know my H20 and my HR10-250 totally populated with the guide data.
Some channels where goofy at the start, but that is becaus of how the affiliate was doingthings
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