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OTA HD Signal Dilemma

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Dish does offer my locals (Little Rock, AR) but doesn't carry them in HD (fancy that). I used one of the websites (I now find AntennaWeb but can't remember the one I used at the time) that tells you what/where as far as reception goes... and it said I should be fine with an indoor antenna. Wrong. :nono: Anyway, I need both UHF and VHF, with towers at headings 11 degrees as well as 112 degrees. When placing the antenna on the table behind my TV, I get about 72% on my local NBC HD channel as well as Fox. I don't get CBS, ABC and PBS at all at that position, however. I really want to do this, as my local CBS station has a cool 24/7 weather/news feed direct from their newsroom with no commercial interruption.

Might I be able to place this same antenna in my attic and have it do the job? Conversely, what antenna can I buy that would be fairly price competitive and EASY to install?

I'd rather not spend a gazillion dollars for the equipment, wait 6 weeks for it to arrive and then spend 4 hours in the blazing sun installing it. :) Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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www.tvfool.com is a better site than antennaweb.org (IMO, of course). I'd suggest you look at both pre- and post- transition situations.

You really need to put your antenna system up on the roof, and if you're fortunate enough that all UHF is in one direction and all VHF is in another, you can get a dedicated VHF and a dedicated UHF and aim each one best.

If you're not that lucky, Then you need to put them on a rotor.
I'm sort of in-between There is only one station that I want that is VHF: my local CBS affiliate. However, I do have UHF channels that I need at both 11 and 112 degrees. Post-transition, only my PBS station (and some crappy channel I don't watch, along with some religious programming) would remain at 112 degrees. All of the others would be at 11. I also have an excellent shot at 11 degrees from my roof. I might just point VHF and UHF in that direction. What equipment can I get away with, assuming UHF/VHF both at 16 miles and pointed in the same direction with some obstruction (minimal)?
A VHF only antenna pointing at 11 should take care of that one

UHF - you might try the CM4221 pointing about half way inbetween the two and see what you get, or another UHF antenna with a similarly wide reception arc. Put the UHF above the VHF. At worst, you might be able to get away with a VHF/UHF combo for 11 and a dedicated UHF for PBS at 112.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to pick up a CM4221.

I have an amplified "set-top" antenna. When I moved it on top of a shelf and pointed it directly at 11-13 degrees, I was able to get crystal clear reception/sound on all of those channels. I think I'm going to be able to get away with just putting the antenna in my attic! Edit: since I'm only 16 miles away, this is a lot easier than I thought it would be.
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