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Osmani said:
I must disagree with those who said the tuner was better than the old Tivo DVR, mine is terrible, it was crystal when hooked directly into the TV tuner, in the old TIVO DVR was not great, but some channels, like CBS which I need here, it was watchable at night very clearly.

But in the HR20 it is unwatchable, I get the searching for signal almost all the time, and it's weird, the channel that I get one of the loweest signal strengths comes in more than the one that has the highest and I need the most (CBS) which does not get carried in HD by DTV in my local market.

I had gotten used to just not being able to record on my HR20 as the signal on my TV tuner was crystal as I said. But I has to try and hook it up because after I got the update activating the OTA tuner for some reason my speakers on the HD channels (the dash channels) quite working on my TV tuner (more on that in another thread where I will ask for help, if someone has a guess please opine as Mitsubishi warranty numbers are hard to get to and I can't call them till next week, can't imagine they are related as it makes no sense but it's the only thing that occured right when it stopped working). The speakers work fine otherwise and i tried everything to get them to work again. They work fine through the HR20 and my DVD and all my other boxes. But as I said more on that later.

Point is the OTA on the HR20 is horrid for me so I called tech support. They said that this was an unexpected problem. That a lot, but not all, people were having drastic and bad signal degradation with the HR20 and that a software update was being worked on to fix it. I asked because I wanted to know if I needed to work on finding another solution like a better antenna or a signal booster. So my question for Earl or anyother tech savy or DTV employee types lurking, is this accurate info as far as you know? Should I wait for an update to address this issue or is this pie in the sky and should I instead work on an alternate fix or live with not having DVR on those OTA channels and forget about it as that's as good as it's going to get? Thanks (BTW, I just think this is weird because I thought recievers always boosted and did not degrade signals a little bit).
What kind of signal level are you seeing on the HR20?

Is it bad for all channels, or are you looking for a particular channel?

Are you splitting the signal to other devices?

If so, bypass the splitter and go directly into the HR20 and see what it looks like.

If you still don't get (any/the desired) channels, try the following:

Get a few 75 ohm jumper cables (lots of them are supplied for various devices), of different length. Typcially they are 3 feet or so in length, but what we are interested in is "various" lengths.

Go to Radio Shack and buy a maybe 3 double female F connectors, so you can add various line lengths to your main feedline coming into the HR20 (and we are still talking about taking the main feedline, no splits, and plugging it directly into the HR20.

Now....take one of the extra length (3' or so) cables and put a double female on one end and plug the main feedline into it. Plug the other end into the HR20 OTA antenna input. Check to see if you have any signa. If you don't, add another small length and try it again.

I have found the HR20, and in fact, my Sammy HDTV, to be sensitive to the length of the line coming from the antenna..it's an impedance bump problem. It varies by channel (UHF especially). I did some rewiring here this morning and got two channels that were unwatchable to come up to perfect reception, by doing NOTHING other than changing the length of the line to either the HR20 or the TV itself.

As another test, I completely bypassed all splitters and a preamp, and by varying nothing but the line length, several channels were quiet viewable and strong at one line length and pixellating at another length.

Give it a try, it's a very inexpensive experiment.
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