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Stupid Question?
According to Antennaweb the closest station which is one I want to view in HD
NJN shows:

Call Sign Channel Network City State Compass Distance Frequency
WNJB-DT 8.1 PBS New Brunswick NJ 11° 3.4 Miles 8

So it seems that I should be able to pick it up with more or less a coat hanger even.

However other stations are all over the compass so questions are:

Do I need to even point that direction to pick up that station or can I point at the Philly stations 239 degrees and 54 miles and expect to get WNJB DT?
NYC stations show as 78degrees and 30 miles, wonderfull. I do get them from E* in HD but only the big 4 which means I missing CHannels 9, 11 and 13 (also a PBS).
Or can I reverse a splitter into a combiner and use two or three antennas?

Using a rotator seems a clumsy thing and would mean I couldn't schedule timers from Philadelphia and NYC for when I'm not Home.

Almost forgot the other question, DO I have to scan or can I just select the OTA channel to use for antenna pointing?
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OK, I hooked up a small indoor antenna and the 622 then found four digital channels 58-01 to 58-04.

58-01 shows the samne programming as dishes SD channel 58

58-02 to 58-04 show digital service. Will the 622 pick up channel data?

Second problem is at best because of the location of the antenna they all show mid 70s to mid 80s for strength. This should be goos as I understand it for good reception.

The 622 rebooted shortly after finding and adding thes four channels.

The signal strength keeps going to 0 (zero).

Is it to soon to worry anout a OTA tuner problem in the 622? I tried a recording and it kept pixeling.
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Yes 622 will pick up channel data for your OTAs if you are subscribed to locals. However, the channel data you get is a Your mileage may vary. With all the different combinations that can happen and the various levels of support for your area it is hard to tell exactly what one can expect. Some things that have been mentioned.

1) PBS channels are spotty at best. Some get the mapping others do not.
2) Sub channels is a mixed bag. For some most of my channels I get them but some I do not. Others get none.

As for your other issues. Need more info. If you are seeing your signal toggle between 0 and some other value that could be an indication of a multipath issue.

OTA is more of an art than science and usually is not as lucky as tossing an indoor intenna up and bingo. Might take some work to get it done.

Also TBoneit.. Do a search for OTA on this forum and you will get a lot of hits discussing OTA and guide mapping.
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