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OTA Question

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Hi All,
I just called DTV to find out if I could get an AM21 for free for my OTA HD locals. I get most of them on the satellite, but not all of them. I couldn't get it for free (they wanted $50), but the guy from tech support told me that as of 2009 you will not be able to use an external antenna at all anymore - that all programming will need to go through some sort of a converter box. This cannot be true, can it? I understand that some broadcasters will switch from UHF to VHF, but I just cant imagine that they will not broadcast at all anymore for OTA reception. Any light that can be shed on the subject would be appreciated!
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The person you spoke to is either clueless or full of s**t. The AM21 is an ATSC tuner.

It will pick up the digital channels now and next year, no converter needed.

And that bit about not being able to use an external antenna is pure bulls**t!!

It is really sad that a DTV CSR is so full of it.
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