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OTA Question

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Hi All,
I just called DTV to find out if I could get an AM21 for free for my OTA HD locals. I get most of them on the satellite, but not all of them. I couldn't get it for free (they wanted $50), but the guy from tech support told me that as of 2009 you will not be able to use an external antenna at all anymore - that all programming will need to go through some sort of a converter box. This cannot be true, can it? I understand that some broadcasters will switch from UHF to VHF, but I just cant imagine that they will not broadcast at all anymore for OTA reception. Any light that can be shed on the subject would be appreciated!
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Thanks for the replies! For my area, it looks like I should get a ton of reception, especially if I use a roof mounted antenna that picks up both UHF & VHF. I'll need to call DTV back and try to get my AM21 sent out to me!

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