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I am so confused about various ways of connecting things on the VIP622 because there are so many cool little tricks you can do with it. Can anyone help me with my situation?

My current setup... VIP622 in the living room.

Satellite Dish LNB ------. (Combiner)                       .-------VIP622 Dish In 1
Satellite Dish LNB ------'------------. (Diplexer)        .'------ VIP622 Dish In 2
Bedroom TV (coax) --------------------'------------------'------- VIP622 TV2 Out
What I'm wondering is if there's a way to use the existing wiring to add an OTA antenna in the bedroom that will feed the VIP622. The reason being right now my OTA is in the living room and it's too close to my kitchen where I have a microwave that interferes with the signals and I'd rather not have to run new wires to my bedroom which is further away from the kitchen. Any ideas?

Thank you!
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