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Oval Dish Upgrade

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The other day I called D* to order the $43 upgrade to the oval dish so I could receive the Buffalo locals from the 119 satellite. The CSR at D* said that the upgrade included installation on one unit and a receiver which I don't need as I already have a UTV and DirecTivo. She also said I would have to ask the installer how much it will cost to hook up the second unit.

Has anyone else taken advantage of this upgrade? I was wondering what kind of receiver it includes and how much I'll have to spend to have both units hooked up. Thanks in advance.
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Well, probably a cheap RCA or a GAEBO. (Hope for the GAEBO). Most likely GAEBO cause it is made by Hughes. An installer in my area quoted me 225 for the oval dish installed and run to 4 TV's. this wasnt with a free install. Just found out who the installer is and call.
Last week I called D* to order the $43 oval dish upgrade so I could receive my locals which are being broadcast from the 119 satellite. The csr or "entrainment specialist" I spoke with tried to tell me that my UTV (model DWD490RE) was not multi-satellite capable. So I told her to forget about it. There was no way I was going to give up my UTV for the basic receiver they offered to send me as part of the upgrade package.

After being assured by the good people at <http://www.avsforum.com>that my UTV was in fact multi-satellite capable, I called and ordered the upgrade. They took my credit card number and scheduled me for an 8:05 installation Monday morning. (I thought it odd that they would give me such an exact time, but figured maybe I was first on the list.)

When nobody showed by 10:30, I called to find out what was going on. They told me that that I should never been given such an exact time. Appointments are scheduled for either the morning or afternoon. But not to worry. Everything was set. I'm scheduled for the AM, so the installer should be at my home by noon.

When no one showed by 2 PM, I called again. This time was I told that the order was placed, they had an order number, but no order was generated. The csr put me on hold to discuss it with a supervisor. The supervisor couldn't understand what went wrong, so I was told they would forward the problem to upper management and I should have an answer in about 72 hours.

I suggested we throw out last weeks order and start over. Again I was told my UTV was not multi-satellite capable. After assuring her that it was she scheduled me for a Friday installation. Of course I'll have to call back today to find out if it's morning or afternoon because their system was down. UNBELIEVABLE!
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Keep us up to date on what happens, I too want to do the upgrade when locals for Norfolk come.
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