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maverick5582 said:
My P121R1-03 Power Inserter will not keep a steady green light. I am getting 771A errors and no signal.

What is causing this failure?
You most likely have a strand of wire shorting the cable shield to the center conductor of your cable somewhere or even a short in the LNB. Possibly even the PI itself.

Time for some trouble shooting. Disconnect the PI form the cable and check the light. If the problenm still exists (light blinks) it is the PI, if not, it is in your coax/splitter /LNB system wiring. Disconnect the coax at the LNB and see if the light still has the problem. If not, the LNB is bad. If still bad, reconnnect the wire and next disconnect the coax form the splitter closest to the LNB. if the problem goes away it is in the spiltter or the cable between splitter and LNB. If it is still bad , repeat this process for all splitters. a methodical process should pinpoint the problem.
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