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P153 Time Change BUG - Check your timers!!

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P153 does not handle the time change properly.
What else is new?
You MUST reset your ONCE only timers

I have/had ONCE only timers to tape 'Young Maverick' on Western (CH342) at 12:05pm CST, ALIAS at 8pm and X-files at 11pm which I set sometime last week.

If you look at the GUIDE, it shows a clock for each of those programs at the correct times.

However, at 11:05am CST, the 501 started recording on CH342 not at 12:05pm CST.

I checked my TIMERS screen, and it shows the ONCE only timers as being 11:05am, 7pm and 10pm, but the guide shows clocks at 12:05PM, 8PM, 11PM as expected.
The Guide is correct but the Timer screen is wrong!!

I don't have any recurring event timers for today but I checked some for later in the week and the times in both the Guide and Timer screens match.

One other thing, when the 501 started recording early, the PVR events screen indicated it was recording "Young Maverick" and that there was no info available. However it was really recording "Bar 20". It also showed a recording date of "Sun 1/1" with Start time of "12:00am" and End time of "12:00am".

I believe recurring timers are OK, but ONCE only timers will need to be deleted and recreated.
I don't have any DAILY timers so somebody else will have to check both the Guide and Timer screens to see if they match.

I've submitted a bug report to DishNotwork but I doubt I'll hear back from them.
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MrPete, Thank you and welcome to DBSTalk. :)

I'm pretty sure that I have a couple set, Thanks again for the heads up info. :)
I had the same thing happen to me when I had a one time timer set to record the true story of Moby Dick. My repeating timers seem to be unaffected.
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