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Pac 10 getting SD 3 weeks in a row?!?!?

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I rarely complain about this... I understand its going to happen now and then, but this is getting absurd... Why is it that The PAC10 games on ABC the last 4 weeks have all been in SD instead of HD in Los Angeles? I haven't seen this many games in SD in the last 3 years combined! Did someone destroy their HD truck or what?
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That's what we get for having our a$$es handed to us by the WAC among others.

You would have thought the USC game at least would have been HD.
Unless the games are being sponsored by Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia, I think it just shows good sense not to show Pac-10 "football" this year in all its gory HDness.

Of course, looking at my avatar, you might note one other reason...
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