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Parental Controls Hierarchy -- Order Seems Wrong

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I tried searching, but could find anything on topic here. The implementation of the parental controls on the HR20 (and the HR10-250) is causing me some frustration. Reading the guidelines on parental controls at http://www.tvguidelines.org/index.htm, I understand why they implemented this hierarchy, but there is a disconnect at the lowest ratings.

In particular, they break out the ratings into two sub-categories: Youth and General. So the ratings hierarchy as implemented by DirecTV (and presumably others) puts the two youth ratings at the bottom, then builds up the General ratings. So the structure is Y, Y7, G, PG, TV-14, TV-MA.

Here is the issue: When locking a particular rating, that rating and all higher ratings are locked. While this makes logical sense, putting the two youth ratings at the bottom is a problem. In particular, Y7 should come after G (look at the descriptions on the above link).

My children are 3, 5 and 7 years old, and I constantly find them watching some shows that are teaching them bad habits (Sponge Bob, iCarly, etc.). In a few more years they'll be ready for these shows, but just not yet. These shows are rated Y-7, so I tried to block the Y-7 content off their DVR. Unfortunately, this requires that all higher ratings be blocked, which therefore blocks all G-rated programming (which is most of everything else they watch).

The solution would to be to allow independent blocking of each rating. I realize that the hierarchy that is currently being followed is the same as the ratings system explanations, but it seems pretty clear to me that TV-G is intended for all audiences while TV-7 is intended for older children. This is clearly the result of the grouping of the Youth and General ratings, where the Youth ratings are presumed to be for younger audiences than the lowest General rating (which is not the case).
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Are you only setting the "TV Ratings"

Have you considered setting up the time limits so this content is off-limits during certain times?
CJTE said:
Are you only setting the "TV Ratings"

Have you considered setting up the time limits so this content is off-limits during certain times?
As far as I can tell, the Hours just allow or block all programming for periods of time. The Y-7 programs are not all grouped together so I can't block out a single window of time.

Most of us are more familar with movie ratings -- if PG would be permitted, then G would be permitted as well (presumably). The issue with TV ratings is the two youth ratings somewhat intersect with the regular ratings. So Disney Channel rates everything G, whereas Nickelodeon tends to rate things Y or Y-7. If I block Y-7, then G gets blocked too.
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