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Anyone know what may have caused this? I Was getting this message back in August for shows that I didn't set to record, this is the first time it has happened for a recording I had scheduled, on a HR21-100 - Software ox5d2

The Mets - Cardinals game only recorded 23 mins but was set to record an extra 1 hour. This autorecord has been working of months and there were no other recordings during this time frame.

The Playist showed:
Mets @ Cardinals Today 1:00p 23 mins. (Partial)
This showing, which matches the "ALL CARDINALS CCHAN671 NNOT POSTGAME PREGAME KIDS" Search, was recorded at 1:01p, Today and stopped at 1:24p, Today.
Series Manager: 1 of 36

Playlist shows - 31% Free.

In History it has:
The showing was partially recorded because it did not match your show type setting in the Guide. (13)

The Autorecord has :
Episode Type First Run
Keep at most 10 Programs
Keep Until Disk is Full
Start On-time
Stop 1 hr later
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