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He is campaigning for re-instatement, and took his case to the Today show this morning. He admits he has made some mistakes, but didnt come out and say he bet on baseball.

Well, I say let him into the Hall of Fame, because as far as I know there have been no accusations of wrongdoing during his playing career.

But as for reinstatement into MLB, there are some issues to be addressed. The most important is the gambling stub that allegedly shows that Pete bet against his own team while he was managing the Reds.

According to Pete, the stub is erroneous in that it lists the Reds as the away team, when they were the home team, and surely he'd know whether his team was home or away. (When I heard Pete talk about this stub, it was as close as I've ever heard him come to admitting he bet on baseball.)

There is, apparently, overwhelming evidence that he bet on baseball. However, I'm willing to overlook this as long as he never bet against his team or himself. Gambling is an addiction, like cocaine, and there are players in the Hall of Fame who have been convicted of cocaine possession.

For me, the big issue is did he really bet against his own team? If so, that's unforgiveable, and I could not support his re-instatement into the league.

I was out of town, so I'm a little behind, I believe this was aired this past Thursday or Friday?
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