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Just after I received the new HR20 I set up several series links (just to try the functionality). Subsequently I deleted those series links and now weeks later I still see activity in both the "To Do List" and the "History." The items never record, they always show cancelled. They appear to cause conflicts with other valid series links that I still have set up.

Earl has this been seen with OxDC?

I've reset the whole unit and am going to start afresh due to this strange behavior - I believe there were some gremlins left over from the earlier software versions that OxDC was unable to undo. I bet they will not show up again.

Best course of action seems to be:

1.) Reformat the whole unit
2.) Wait 48 hours for the guide data to totally reload (2 weeks worth)
3.) Set up new series links etc.

It's happening to me too.

I described it in the Software Update thread for 0xDC (here). It's problem number 9.

The phantom series link was created 6 weeks ago and deleted at least 3 weeks ago.

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