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Hi all,

anyone have any great recommendations on companies that provide photo and vhs transfer to dvd or hard disk?

best deals I've seen are $20 per vhs tape and around a $1/photo.

let me know what experience and prices you have come across.

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I would suggest trying to find someone locally to do the job for you and save the shipping charges. There's got to be someone in Nashville doing this. I am, when time permits, starting a business to do just what you want and am running my first ad later this month in this new local magazine/newspaper: http://www.verobeach32963.com/ The only problem is that I am advertising the ability to do VHS, Beta, 8mm tape, Mini DV tape, photos, 33, 45, and 78 records and 8mm film and I don't own a Beta deck yet. I'm going Ebaying over the next few days to buy one. :lol:
Here's a first gen of my ad (comments welcome), contact info removed to protect the innocent:


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VHS to DVD transfers are easy if you have a combination VHS/DVD recorder such as this Samsung from Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=9208442. You'll also find similar products at Circuit City and Best Buy
Photos, negatives, slides and movie film require more equipment and are somewhat labor intensive. That's why you see what may seem to be high prices. Richard is right in suggesting you look for a processor in your area, so you can have a better line of communication. OTOH, I'd trust him to do the job!
Richard: If I remember correctly, you used to have a few Beta decks. Wha' hoppened?
Nah, never had a beta deck, however I do have one on the way from an Ebay seller that I "won" yesterday. :) I hope it will do the job for future projects.
By the way, Vero Beach is FULL of people with "lost memories". ;)
Richard King said:
Nah, never had a beta deck, however I do have one on the way from an Ebay seller that I "won" yesterday.
even though i know your joking around .......
i love when people say they "won" the item.:lol:
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