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Picture flickering with component cables

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Hello all,
Thanks for a very informative forum!

I recently upgraded to the 622 when I got my HD television. Before installation of the new equipment I bought a new set of component cables from RadioShack.

I hooked up the 622 using the component cables..... the screen had lots of flickering. Looked like small sections of the screen would flash white.... then back to normal. These flickering sections flash in random areas of the screen.

My installer provided me with a HDMI cable which, when hooked up, provides perfect video. I later tried a second set of component cables with same results.

I would just forget about the flickering problem with component video..... but I've read here that the 622 is prone to HDMI problems and often the solution is to use component.

Anyone else have similar problems with component causing flickering? It may be my TV's input having a problem. Incidently, the TV is a Sharp LC-42D62U.

Thanks for reading.
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Along the lines with what boylehome said, do you have a DVD player or another device that has component outputs? If so I'd try that out and see if the problem is still there. It looks like you already tested another cable so it's probably not the cable. That would leave either the TV or the 622. If you hook up another device and it doesn't have the problem I would suggest contacting Dish and explain this to them. If it does show up on the TV from another device you might have a problem with your TV.
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