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My 24 may have been bad but the 34 has an outstanding pix quailty.
I was very concerned,my 24 had smeary back grounds like they were trying to hide the digital noise that u see sometimes. The 34 is more like the 21 I still have. What a pleasure to be able to record with out stressing over pirority in the list and having to juggle beteen 2 recivers and still not having enough tunners to record everything. This unit is fast and responsive so far and pix qualty is a near 10 for me. Still a little blockey at times but also near blueray sometimes as well.
One issue of course is being worked out was missing recordings. Sometimes doing a menu reset would show that a missed recording was pending and would interupet although the program was past. It booted with the old software and when I did a reset the first time it did the software update,
So I did a complete reset everything reformat the drive since they were not any programs I had not watched. So far after the complete reset no missed recordings, I am keeping a close eye but Love this reciver.
Thanks Directv for the great deal and the great reciver.:D
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