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Picture in Picture

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What's the possibility of DirecTV updating their DVR software, giving us a picture in picture capability for the multiple tuner feeds their boxes can receive ?

With satellite systems PIP is just a real logistical nightmare unless they implement it themselves. Would love to see this feature....
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RAD said:
The HR34/Genie HD DVR had PIP, if you're asking if the HR2X's will get it I doubt it.
Still has it! At least on my receiver..... :D

Now, I hope you didn't choose your handle, Mr. Mayed, due to this. I used to love PIP, but with 5 tuners on the Genie, I can watch three or so sporting events full screen, using recordings, in half the time it takes to watch two in real time (using PIP). In short, I rarely use PIP now.
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