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Picture Settings

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Not sure if this would be the correct forum for this question so please excuse me if this is not. I am using the H20 receiver with the componant cables in 1080i mode on the TV. I have seen on some TV's where there is a "Vivid" setting that can be changed to "Standard" because the picture is so bright. This TV does not have a "Vivid" setting but the picture is so bright it is almost to the point of causing a headache. Could anybody recommend where these settings should go to make the picture not quite as bright?

DNR: (off, soft, mild or hard)
SVM: (check or uncheck)
Picture Mode: (movie, standard or sports it is set to standard)

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Setting the picture mode to "movie" will probably drop the brightness and contrast, maybe to where you want it.

If not, try decreasing the brightness and contrast, one at a time. It is best to remember where you started so as to not get it too far out.
Umm, turn down the brightness? :lol:

Seriously, get a copy of Avia Guide to Home Theater. This will allow you to set your TV to the optimal settings for the best picture. Sound and Vision Home Theater Tune-Up is also pretty good.
"Digital Video Essentials" is another great video calibration DVD that will help you optimize your TV's video settings.
Umm, turn down the brightness?

Was that irony? :) :) :)
I hope it was irony, since "Brightness" on most tvs sets the black point...
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