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Tired of the same old sitcoms, unrealistic reality and predictable crime shows? Need to
take a break from Oprah, Maury and Dr. Phil? Well, pull that Hallowe'en get-up back out
of the closet and ride along with HDNet's Art Mann to...
The Erotic Circus - Ride along as we travel to the Pimp and Ho Ball in Las Vegas.
This year's theme is the erotic circus. This is the costume party that makes most
others seem boring. The people and costumes are colorful, sexy, and entertaining.

Fri., Nov. 3rd 9:00 PM ET
Sat., Nov. 4th 12:00 AM ET
Nothing like watching the other side of life in stunningly beautiful HIGH-DEFINITION
to make your own life seem even more mundane! Be sure the kiddies are tucked in.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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