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Pink HDMI Output

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I have an HR20 with Toshiba 65H93, which had been working well together.

Introduced an Onkyo 674 to the system today, with one of the primary motives to allow HDMI switching of 2 HDMI inputs to one HDMI out (on the 674), to the DVI on my Tosh. This way, I can have both the HR20 and my upscaling Sony DVD player input through the DVI.

So, all that being said, I ended up having to reboot the HR20 (it froze up for the first time in a long time). Everything looked good until the last "Amost there" screen. When the HR20 restarted, it was the normal deep blue we are comfortable with seeing now; when it got to the last "Amost there" screen, everything flickered and when it came back, it was washed-out in pink. Cannot get rid of this issue.

I restarted several times, changed all the cables, and tried alternative configruations, but the end result was always the same. Going through either HDMI input on the 674, the HR20 switched over to pink at the last "almost there" screen.

I know have it configured using component from the HR20 to the 674 and then HDMI/DVI out the 674, which works fine.

The HR20 must be sending the 674 a command in this process which washes everyting on HDMI inputs to pink (same on DVD player). I can bypass the 674 (H20 direct to TV) and it looks normal. I reset the 674, leave out the HR20, and then the DVD (hdmi/hdmi) looks great. Then if I allow the HR20 back into the mix as HDMI-in to 674, I get pinked again.

Anybody having these troubles? Onkyo only, or other HDMI switching capable devices having same issue?

At this point, I'll have to return the Onkyo if the HR20 doesn't stop causing the problem, as it doesn't offer me any advantages over my previous system if the HDMI switch doesn't work. Very disappointing; probably both devices share in creating the sitiuation, but it's clearly the HR20 that is the trigger.
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That's typically a bad connection. HR10s with the old HDMI cards typically did that just before failing entirely.
I've noticed when I switch from my HR20 to my 8300HD using a Monoprice 501-HDX switch, the screen washes green. Going back to the HR20 the color is fine. The only way to fix the green is to cycle the power on my plasma. My problem is an HDMI handshake. I solved it by moving the 8300HD to the second HDMI input on my plasma.

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