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Pixelating and HR20 Questions

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Well it is happening again. After a week with no problems we were watching Food Network and it just starts pixelating real bad. So I started checking sat signal levels. Apolgies for the number of images, but it makes the post easier to explain.
As you can see, tuner 1 on 101 and 103c (and the others) were all zeroes.

Tuner 2 on both sats

So I decided to reset the receiver as this has worked at other times and so it produced this, tuner 1 back to high numbers, tuner 2 stayed high.

DTV sent a tech out about a month ago now and he replaced the Zinwell Multi switch. We've been having these on again/off again pixelating problems ever since. He came out because while we were on vacation and bad thunderstorm knocked out all of our sat service (my son was here when it happened). Since then I have swapped BBC's (not replaced), swapped cables, reset receievers many times. These problems have only been showing up on the HD channels. During one of these my wife checked the same channel on a SD box that was pixelating on the HD, it was fine. Given that a reset fixes the sat problem each time, does it look to be a receiver issue or is it possible that it's an alignment issue. Also I'm beginning to suspect the multiswitch in the LNB, but I assume a tech would be the one to check that. Problem is this is not always happening, could be fine when a tech is here. Ayy ideas or suggestions. Even though I'm on the protection plan, I dread dealing with the CSR's.
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