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Plasma and Center Ice Channels

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Is it just me or does NHL center ice pq just plain suck with plasma tvs? I just got my tv today, no hd yet. I just have it hooked up to my 625 with s video cables. Watching the Senators-Canadiens game was torture. So grainy! A lot worse than my old crt Panasonic.

Is this the norm for plasmas and center ice? Anyone got suggestions to improve the picture? Do I need to upgrade to HD package for a general improvement for center ice channels? I mean hockey is the main reason I got a dish at all.

Espn come in just fine btw.


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Yes the SD channels on Dish all suck on HD sets. My basic analog stations on cable look twice as better than Dish sends out, but it's always been like that. I myself watch all the SD games in the basement on an old 25" console boob tube and it looks just fine. Turn your sharpness down to zero on SD content, that may help
Yup -

I try to only watch SD channels on a SD set - every once in a while I watch something recorded on my 522 on the HD set - and cringe as I watch - part of the problem is that the Dish Locals seem washed out...

Well not all SD is that bad. For my set Nat Geograhic comes in awesome, thats good its a great channel.
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