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PlayStation 2 Receives Web Capabilities

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Sony recently introduced the PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor, which will allow the gaming system to connect online.

The Adaptor, which is available at retail outlets nationwide for a suggested retail price of $39.99, is a connectivity device that combines a 10/100 Ethernet connection with a 56K V.90 analog modem that allows network access to a wide spectrum of consumers regardless of their in-home broadband or narrowband connectivity choice. Consumers with an in-home Internet service provider (ISP) account and the Network Adaptor will be able to play friends and rivals across the Internet via PlayStation 2 games specifically designed to take advantage of this capability.

The Network Adaptor comes with a bundled start-up disc to ensure consumers can quickly and easily equip their PlayStation 2 with online connectivity. According to sources, the game sytems will have music and video-on-demand services; e-mail, instant messaging and Web access in the future.

For more information on PlayStation 2, visit www.playstation.com.

From SkyRetailer (Used with Permission)
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I have been wasting my nights playing Madden 2003 using the adapter. I've been trying to find a copy of SOCOM, but can't find a place with it available. :( Its only a matter of time. I have an XBox also, but don't have that hooked up yet since I don't have any games for it that I'm interested in playing on the internet. :shrug: How funny is that, I bought the XBox for its broadband capabilities, but here I am with my PS2 online.
Speaking of multi-function devices I am ordering the new Kitchenaide MultiMicro, a microwave oven that is also a small kitchen TV, an OCR recipe reader w/built-in speaker, a mail station and a wet-sneaker dryer. In place of the usual viewing window, this innovative kitchen appliance has an LCD touch panel that changes its display according to which feature is being used at the time. An on-board minicam displays the progress of the meal being cooked at the press of a button.

The MultiMicro also features On-Line Cooking (OLC) where home cooks can compete with other domestic divas and even professional chefs in preparing various recipes. The OLC feature requires users to purchase the "DeepDish300X" plug-in module at additional cost.

A feature unique to the MultiMicro is the variable-power microwave oven that, when used in conjunction with the built-in TV, automatically adjusts the cooking time of the oven to coincide with the ending of the TV program currently being viewed.

According to a Kitchenaide representative, additional features and on-line functionality for the MultiMicro will become available in the near future.
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So this web access in the future, will all websites have jagged edges on them and bland boring repeating textures?

Gee I can't wait for Britney's Dance Beat 2 to go online. :rolleyes:

Ive seen articles claiming the PS2 is the first console to go online...excuse me, but i must have been imagining playing Quake3, NFL2k1, Ooga Booga, and many others on my Dreamcast, 2 freaking years ago.
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